Out of The Box Sports

About OTBS

Out of the Box Solutions, LLC, otherwise known as OTBS, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals by focusing on the development of leadership competencies. We have chosen several venues by which to enhance the leadership potential and understanding of leadership concepts in others: sports, technology, nutrition and fitness, education, community development, business management, and even military techniques. The goal is to improve the mental fortitude, awareness, and knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals in leadership competencies so that they are able to motivate, encourage, and develop themselves and others in life pursuits.

Out of the Box Solutions, LLC was especially created to awaken the desire of youth to become great leaders in society. Great citizens are the key to vibrant urban and suburban communities. OTBS is committed to providing researched-based information and educational products in diverse fields that can meet the needs of our customers. We are staffed with professionals and researchers that can bring high-tech and high-level techniques to the footsteps of underprivileged individuals and communities and develop leadership skills in ways that makes even the most difficult concepts easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. Learn to become a leader that thinks “OUT OF THE BOX.”