Out of The Box Sports

Supplemental Ed Services (SES)

OTBS is now a Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider
We tutor in Reading, Mathematics, and Science.
Now Serving Eligible Title I Schools in the Following Counties.

  • Hernando County
  • Leon County

3 Easy Steps to SES…

  • STEP 1: Make sure your child is eligible.
    Your child may qualify for free tutoring if your child is eligible for free or reduced priced lunch AND attends an eligible Title 1 school. If parental requests for free tutoring exceed the amount of funding available, the School District will serve the students with the greatest need. Neither the Florida Department of Education nor the School District promote or endorse any particular supplemental educational services (SES) provider.”
  • STEP 2: Fill out an SES Tutoring Form.
    Check your mail. SES registration forms are sent home by the district and are also available at qualifying schools and provider fairs.
  • STEP 3: Select Out of the Box Solutions as your first choice..

Once your child is assigned to us your required lessons are free