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Out of the Box Sports is a subdivision of OTBS. It is a program that explores and develops leadership competencies through exercise, athletics, health and fitness, while exploring these areas in a technologically enhanced environment. The use of technology in sports is only one means by which OTBS improves the understanding and/or skill level of participants in sports to advanced levels. However, technology is rarely seen used outside of professional sports. Out of the Box Sports brings technology to sports for those that are ready to take their performance and understanding of the science of sports to a new level.

Youth with advanced skills are given the opportunity to intern with the coaching staff, serve as youth coaches, and also belong to elite teams. Our junior coaches learn how to make decisions, develop teams, train those learning a sport, and make quick game-winning decisions. They also learn first hand how to belong to a cohesive team that is disciplined. Our OTBS Junior Elite players also refine their skills by practicing individually and as a team for seven months out of the year and then competing in city tournaments and leagues.

The physical and human development and health of the body can not be forsaken, and therefore is a key to sound leadership. Out of the Box Sports professionals believe that the combination of guidance, counseling, research-based practices, technology, and a certified and caring staff are key to bringing about leadership potential in youth.
We are currently able to provide individual instruction, develop camps in schools or communities, or implement educational sessions in basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and golf. We also have circuit training for specific sports or general overall fitness.

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Summer Camps–June 1-5, 2010 AND August 17-21

Location: Fairview Middle School, 3415 Zillah Street, Tallahassee, FL 32305
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